About Us

RPGClinic is a tabletop roleplaying game channel where we focus on story and player experience while working in teaching moments for game systems while playing. We also make an effort to interact with the audience during and between streams, be it during our start-of-stream chats or via Twitter or Discord.


To Provide a Safe and Educational
Tabletop Roleplaying Experience.

An RPGClinic campaign promises committed storytelling and performances, professional tech, dynamic overlays, and info boxes to keep the system accessible to new viewers. Games swing between comedy and drama at the drop of a hat. There will be laughter. There will be tears. There will definitely be double-entendres.

We make use of safety tools both for our own well-being, but also as a means of being responsible role models. By streaming our games we are aware that we are setting an example, and while we will make mistakes, safety tools are a way to set everyone back on the right track.

Clinic Hours is our weekly Q&A with the community – typically focused around an RPG-related topic, but always open to shifting gears when a viewer has questions or insight. It is a great opportunity to seek feedback for the gaming situations you’re currently struggling with.

The RPGClinic Team

Elizabeth Neale is an actor, known for her portrayal of Shane/Astra in LARPs.

She is also a twitch broadcaster, streaming PunchyDrew Crew and Punchy Book Club on her channel.

She began role playing in college, where she started with Exalted (2nd Ed) and has since moved on to DnD 5th, Exalted 3rd, and more.

Jon Verrall is an actor, writer, and narrative designer, known for his work on LARPs.

He is also active on Twitch, having originated RPGClinic on his channel.

He first received a copy of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when he was 8; he cut his teeth on the Storyteller system in his early teens. He’s run several World of Darkness LARPs and TTRPGs in Montreal.

Kate works professionally as a Stage Manager for theatre, and was the Production Manager for the second season of LARPs.

She began role playing in 2005, with initial exposure to D&D 3.5. She has since played a wide variety of table top role playing games, including Alternity, Exalted, Heavy Gear, Pathfinder, and Vampire: The Masquerade.

Scott Humphrey is an actor, known for his portrayal of Will/Biff in LARPs.

He is also a twitch broadcaster, streaming Method Madness and Doomed on his channel.

He began role playing in college, where he started with D&D and moved on to Exalted and Changeling.